Tebūnie TAIP !

Lithuanian steam bath fellows and fans society

The society of Lithuanian steam bath fellows was founded by 19 enthusiasts in 2009. There are more than 150 members in it now in all Lithuania. We are non-governmental, non-profit organization working on voluntary basis. It unites the followers of Lithuanian steam bath, as well as professionals,  owners and constructors of steam baths, the stove builders and the craftsmen and producers of other items used in steam baths.

Our mission

  • To revive and disseminate the traditions of Lithuanian stem bath and other national heritage.
  • To create traditions of the Lithuanian steam bath for future generations
  • To cherish culture of a healthy Lithuanian steam bath.
  • To disseminate the idea of fellowship via the idea of steam bath.


How we are accomplishing the goals:

  • ·We are going to steam baths and inviting fellows to our steam baths on regular basis.
  • ·We are organizing educational, entertaining and charity events for the society members. Those are our traditional festivals and initiatives like ‘Day of Lithuanian steam bath’, ‘Day of Samogitian steam bath’, ‘Bath steam’, ‘Day of liveliness’, tea treats at Vilnius Kaziukas Fair.
  • ·We are sharing knowledge and  the secrets of steam baths and other healing practices ourselves and teaching others. The seminars are usually held in the steam baths of our society members. We are sharing our experience at the event ‘Open doors in steam baths on Saturdays’ all over Lithuania.
  • We are evaluating the steam baths on fellowship basis. In such way we are encouraging our society to build safe, having high quality and suitable for traditional whisking steam baths. If you invite our members to assess your steam bath, you will get our advice, original token and a certificate. Our slogan is ‘There are no bad steam baths. They are good or very good / excellent.
  • ·We are friends with the societies of the followers of the steam bath culture in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Ukraine, Belorussia and Russia.

·        We help to organize and take part in the championships of whisking and airing of steam.


Family, friends, love, work, hobbies – this is the world that is surrounding us and this is the basis and meaning of our life. The essence of it is not material wealth but health. We wish our relatives and loved ones to be healthy, we inquire our friends and acquaintances about their health; health is the basis for our songs and toasts. Health has been worshiped since the ancient times and it has been the indicator of luck, happiness and welfare. Health enhancing has always been an important part of the society’s culture.

When getting deep into the history of human’s existence it becomes obvious that people created a unique and at the same time simple and comprehensive craft of steam baths. A steam bath has united the best qualities and become the resort for the family. The steam bath has united everyone who is interested in studying and practicing the art of water, steam, herbs and massages. Our land, history and way of life have created and preserved a unique and authentic craft of a steam bath. Nowadays this craft has risen to new levels. The traditions of a steam bath came from the history of our nation; and, regardless of the Soviet period when the steam bath was not valued at all, it remained alive in the consciousness of the nation and folklore.

Every nation has its national pride. One of the assets of the culture of Lithuania is the art of a steam bath. We experienced a lot of hardships in the last century – wars, exiles, and soviet times. People started to forget the traditions of steam bath in Lithuania. However, nowadays we are starting to collect knowledge about the steam bath. The result is the conception of a  harmonious steam bath released from dogmas and enriched with the knowledge and experience of ours, our parents and grandparents.


Lithuanian steam bath, which has started at the crossroad of many cultures, has united many qualities: it is used not only for washing the body, but for healing and rehabilitation, too. The conception of the steam bath massage has appeared, whisk is used not only for whisking but for brushing and aromatherapy. Having united all that and added up-to-date materials, technologies and equipment the steam bath has become a safe, functional and affordable place for many people to get together. 



Chairman of society:

Egidijus Žukauskas     +370-687-20316       lpbd.egidijus@gmail.com / pirtiesbiciuliai@gmail.com